Your Solution - Advanced Protection Pumps

That’s not just a sleek new black paint job you’re seeing on FE PETRO® submersible pumps - you’re seeing ADVANCED PROTECTION. Building on our internal Alcohol-Gasoline construction for biofuel compatibility, our Advanced Protection option includes high-grade, corrosion-resistant finishes and construction materials to protect both the pump’s exterior and internal components.

What's Causing All of This Mess?

Accelerated corrosion is becoming an all-too-common sight in tank sumps these days.

Certain fuel applications, such as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) or High Ethanol fuels are more prone to microbial activity, which can result in accelerated corrosion of in-tank and in-sump equipment. When this microbial activity occurs, exposed metal items like submersible pumps and hardware can corode and become difficult to service and even lead to corrosion debris getting into the tank. When the debris gets into the fuel delivery system it can damage or clog equipment as well as customer vehicles.

The Cost To You

Corroded equipment is difficult to service, test, and conduct maintentance on, and it may even cause them not to function properly. The added expenses of cleaning tanks, sumps, and equipment along with the downtime to repair damage cause by corrosion can really start to add up.

What Goes Into Advanced Protection?

Protective Finishes

Powder-coated and E-coated finishes protect exterior cast surfaces from accelerated corrosion.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fasteners, riser, variable length column pipe and coupler protect against corrosion and provide long service life.

Factory Installed

Advanced Protection is a factory installed option that can be added to any STPAG or IST biofuel compatible model STPs.

Putting It To The Test

In developing the industry’s first corrosion protection for STPs, we subjected both a standard STP and our Advanced Protection STP to extreme corrosion testing as part of our design process. Below you see an example of what happens to a standard STP after 4 months of exposure to corrosion testing with acetic acid. Below that, an Advanced Protection STP that was exposed to the same. The results speak for themselves.


Corrosion Debris Protection

FE PETRO® INTAKE FILTER SREENS (IFS) provide fuel filtration for the entire system down to about the size of a grain of sand (0.009” openings). They’re designed to keep harmful debris, sediment, and tank corrosion from entering the pumping system and creating service events including dispenser filter changes. The output performance of the pump is maintained to that of the standard end bell while only adding about 1” to the overall length.

This self-cleaning fuel filtering addition will help to keep your system running clean and can either be factory installed on any pump or retrofit in the field.

Intake Filter Screens

Protect Your Entire Investment From Corrosion

Check out the complete lineup of tank sump components we offer with special corrosion-resistant designs.

FE PETRO® Advanced Protection Pumps provide biofuel compatibility with stainless steel and e-coated components.

MLD+ leak decectors feature a compact, corrosion resistant construction and biofuel compatibility.

Flexible Connectors are available in a stainless steel construction with a wide range of fitting options.

Rigid Entry Boots feature a full PE construction free of metal that can corrode or rubber that can break down.

Both UPP® semi-rigid pipework and APT® XP flexible pipework feature non- corrosive stainless steel fittings.

Extractor Vent Valves feature an e-coated exterior that will resist corrosion.

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