Superior Quality, Safe Servicing, Minimal Maintenance

With typical Pressure/Vacuum (P/V) vents only lasting a single 3-year test cycle, Defender Series® P/V vents are built to outlast other vents in their class, providing precision regulation of storage tank pressure for the long-haul.

Premium Construction

The P/V vent is constructed of high-grade, UV-resistant materials and premium internal components designed and tested to last.

Grade Level Service

The game-changing protective in-line vault facilitates safe and cost-effective grade-level maintenance and testing.

Reduce Costs

Minimize maintenance costs by eliminating the need for expensive lift trucks for testing and servicing.

Premium Tank Venting

Defender Series® P/V vents regulate the pressure at which vapor is allowed to escape from the underground storage tank and the vacuum at which outside air is allowed to enter the tank. Check out these premium design highlights.


The in-line vault allows for safe, cost-effective grade level testing and maintenance while also providing extreme protection from the outdoor elements.


Replacement Ready

Defender Series® P/V vents are dual-threaded, making them easy to swap out with existing 2” P/V vents.



Almost half of all injuries in our industry come from falls at height. The in-line vault promotes safety for the service technician by bringing the P/V vent down to eye level, facilitating at-grade service and testing. Eliminate potential safety concerns including costly lift trucks, potential falls, and wrenching at height.


Installation Capabilities

Install in-line at grade with the (1) vault and (2) rain cap or end-of-line with the (3) Defender Series® vent stack adapter. The P/V vent is also compatible for retrofit onto existing (4) OPW® vent stack adapters. The Rain Cap can be purchased separately for Diesel applications.

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Hose/Swivel Assembly Recall

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